Financial Institutions & Specialty Finance

Renova Partners’ investment banking and financial advisory services capabilities extend into two specialized areas: financial institutions and specialty finance.

Financial Institutions

We specialize in the representation of community and regional banks in the Southeast U.S. We have unique insight into transaction trends and investor activity in banks with less than $2 billion of assets. We provide merger & acquisition services for buy- and sell-side engagements, including transactions in bankruptcy under Section 363, as well as capital raises, fairness opinions, and enterprise valuations for our bank clients.

Specialty Finance

Specialty finance continues to be a rapidly growing segment of consumer and commercial finance that encompasses entities that lend to customers not traditionally served by commercial banks. These asset-intensive entities are unique in their market approach and funding, creating a critical need for on-target financial advice as they seek to expand their businesses.

Renova’s specialty finance services for middle-market firms include:

  • For consumer finance clients, a focus on companies engaged in small-loan originations, auto financing, leasing, and other forms of consumer credit.
  • For commercial finance companies, advisory services for those in the re-discount, leasing, captive finance, transaction processing, and collections businesses.
  • For entities seeking non-traditional real estate financing, Renova can provide solutions to short- and long-term debt needs.