Loan and OREO Sales

Disposing of Problem Assets

Renova helps banks quickly and effectively dispose of problem assets. We combine the specialized skills of our experienced professionals with local knowledge and an extensive network of buyers to deliver results.

Our asset disposition solutions include:

  • OREO Management/Disposition. After the foreclosure process has been completed, our team can recommend property pricing through comparables analysis, provide for the upkeep of the property, and work with area agents in order to provide quick disposition of the properties.
  • Note Sale Facilitation. Renova works with funds, institutional investors, and other buyers actively purchasing notes throughout the United States in order to provide banks with a quicker disposition of assets, if needed.

Prospective OREO/note purchasers will look at both portfolios and single assets. Depending on the portfolio’s characteristics, as well as the strategy and capital needs of the client, we can structure customized plans for asset disposition.